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College Movies

This page shows a selection of some of the films I have made as part of my media course. They are not exactly hollywood blockbuster quality, but I'm told they're pretty good. So here they are for you all to see! Enjoy!


What if someone decided to cancel tomorrow? In the offices of Heaven Incorporated, God (Steve McNeil) is looking through the file for the next day's events. Realising that every day is exactly the same, God decides to cancel the next day in order to give himself and his staff the day off, thinking that no one on Earth will notice... Meanwhile, out of work actor, Kevin (Dale May), wakes up in a living room that is not his own, with no memory of how he got there. He is in fact in the home of Shirley (Catherine Morris), a receptionist who is about to be made redundant. When Shirley throws Kevin out, neither of them expects to meet again. Little do they know, however, that they are in fact destined to meet again when God realises the mistake he has made, and refunds the day they have missed...

Milton Keynes - Then and Now

A documentary, written, filmed and edited by me and my good friend Mark, about the new city of Milton Keynes. This documentary was entered into the OxDox:MK competition, 2007. Although we didn't win, we got some good feedback, which hopefully will help us to improve our skills, and make our next film even better! Mark came up with original idea for the documentary, which was simply to show how fantastic Milton Keynes really is, through a combination of visual images, interviews, archive photographs and narration. I think we succeeded, and hope you guys do too.

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