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Here is some general advice to help you if you are being bullied.

1) Always tell someone. Don't bottle it up. Tell a teacher, a trusting friend and tell your parents. If you have difficulty actually saying what you are going through, then tell someone in the form of a letter. If you cannot approach your parents, confide in another family member, that you trust, such as a Grandparent, an Aunt or an Uncle. When telling your teacher, try and find a time when your peers are not around, so your conversation remains confidential.

2) Try not to show the bullies you are upset. If you do, then they will be winning, as all they want to do is upset you. Bullies want power and if they see you are sad or afraid, they they will be getting that power. Instead, either totally ignore their comments and do not react or respond calmly with a phrase such " yeah, whatever." If the bully does not gain the reaction they are hoping for, over time they will tire of picking on you.

3) Don't ever believe what the bullies say about you is true. In many cases the bully picks on an individual because of jealousy. They may be jealous of the way a person looks, their academic ability, their success in an out of school activity, etc. Bullies are generally trying to make themselves look better and cover up their own inadequacies.

4) Bullying can result in the build up of anger. Try getting rid of your anger so it does not harm others. For example, scribble onto a piece of paper, then screw it up and throw it away. Releasing your anger is the first step to beating the bullies. The worst thing to do is retaliate because you will end up being the one in trouble.

5) Keep a diary of what is happening, recording days, dates, times and those involved. Not only will it help you to get rid of your anger but you will be able to show it to the school and help them understand what is going on.

6) Stay near a member of staff or in a safe area of the school where there are lots of people around. Bullies are cowards and only bully when they think they are not going to be caught.

7) Bullying can lead to feelings of depression. If you start to feel depressed then go and see your doctor and ask for help.

8) And finally, remember it is not your fault that you are being bullied. You do not deserve to be bullied,no one does.



Being bullied can make a person feel very alone but remember, bullies are found in every classroom in every school, so try not to feel lonely. There are others who know how you are feeling.

If you need a friendly "ear", then please feel free to e-mail me. I can't solve your problems but I am very happy to be someone you can vent your worries to. It really helps to share your feelings with someone who understands what you are going through.

If you are being bullied at school and need some help, then please feel you can visit my forum. Everyone is freindly and supportive and many of the members have expereinced bullying themselves, so can support you.

There is a section on the forum called "Ask a Cop". This forum is for anyone to post their questions on the law relating to bullying. Your questions will be answered by a team of police officers who have volunteered their time. Please make sure you read the rules before posting.

If you are unable to confide in family, friends or teachers at your school, or if no one will believe you, then ChildLIne can help you. ChildLine is the free, 24-hour helpline for children and young people in the UK. Children and young people can call their helpline on 0800 1111 about any problem, at any time - day or night. Children who are deaf or find using a regular phone difficult can try their textphone service on 0800 400 222. ChildLine's counsellors are there to help you find ways to sort things out. ChildLine is confidential - which means they won't tell anyone about your call unless you want ChildLine to talk to somebody for you, or you are in danger. Their lines can be busy but please keep trying and you will get through.