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Some Peoples Reaction

Dyspraxia is not well known and because of this people in general do not understand people who have dyspraxia. People with dyspraxia are often labelled:










We are not any of those things and we always try harder than most! An example of how we are treated happened to me. I joined a karate class to try to help me with my co-ordination and stamina. My problem was explained to the senseis (teachers). I went through several gradings and loads of lessons. I worked very hard and was proud of my achievements. As the moves got harder, I found them more difficult to do. My senseis began to make fun of me in front of the class, which made me feel humiliated . When my mum questioned how I was treated, she was told I was lazy and that me and my sister, Clare, were not allowed at the club any more. This is one example of how we are treated and every day we put up with people's prejudices.

Remember though, we are Dyspraxic but Fantastic!